I really need a paper bag ..

Yeah from hyperventilation ,and that's me today. I took my 3 yo to the ENT and walked in there being the big strong mommy smiling and acting as if its all ok ,my only thoughts were wheres the nearest exit I'm running ! I knew they were going to say she needs her tonsils and anoids removed. Its not only that she also has to have dental work so she is going to have two surgeries done in the next few months.
You know how it is , we have to be the strong ones and sometimes that's hard to do , this is one of those times I have to pretend im super women and deep down im wanting to crawl under the covers and pretend this is not happening .
Since I cant change it , I wonder how much I can purchase between now and October 8th which is her first surgery..
I dont know about anyone else but my way of getting through this is buying her a lot of toys and stacking my freezers full of popcicles and icecream ..its the only way this moms going to get through this without passing out .