The hunt down of things that disappear !

Oh where oh where did the little spoons go? They were found by me and the dog !

I let the dog lose this week , and he dug up not one , or two but four spoons !
Since fall is around the corner , I decided to start pulling out appliances , now besides all the dirt, clothing and five socks, I found ... drum roll .. two spoons !
So all together today alone six spoons have been found .
Now the kids dont have to fight over spoons at breakfast ,they can each have their very own spoon!

with a added bonus .. five socks !

Its my lucky day , I may just have to run out and buy myself a lottery ticket !



The race

Its real nice when your looking forward to a quiet shopping trip and you spend the whole time in the store yelling 'STOP, STOP' as your children are running ahead of you like jack rabbits to see who can get the cheese first ! Beware if they both get it at the same time the fights on right there in the isle.



You know the washable paint that they let you try out in the store that they swear works or you get your money back?
My 3 yo decided it would be a blast to write on one wall with crayons 'again' ,I scrubbed tell my arm felt like it was falling off and all it did was take the paint off and left the her master piece. Yes, as pretty as her picture is I have to find away to fix this .Maybe I will cover it with toothpaste then try to paint over it? Or scrub my wall until the texture is gone then try to paint?


I really need a paper bag ..

Yeah from hyperventilation ,and that's me today. I took my 3 yo to the ENT and walked in there being the big strong mommy smiling and acting as if its all ok ,my only thoughts were wheres the nearest exit I'm running ! I knew they were going to say she needs her tonsils and anoids removed. Its not only that she also has to have dental work so she is going to have two surgeries done in the next few months.
You know how it is , we have to be the strong ones and sometimes that's hard to do , this is one of those times I have to pretend im super women and deep down im wanting to crawl under the covers and pretend this is not happening .
Since I cant change it , I wonder how much I can purchase between now and October 8th which is her first surgery..
I dont know about anyone else but my way of getting through this is buying her a lot of toys and stacking my freezers full of popcicles and icecream ..its the only way this moms going to get through this without passing out .


The fort

I should have known there was a reason the kids wanted to clean off the patio....

They built ,with their own blankets and pillows , toys then with the help of moms kitchen chairs and a couple pots for tables ...they have their very own FORT !

Now who do you think will get to clean this up?
Im sure they will all say I didnt do it in 2 hours.

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Heres that pic of cocoa in my purse

Well..Like I said before I should have known .Theres not 1 safe hiding place in my house. I guess it could have been worse , could have had the kids fighting over the last packed and could have ended up having to give 5 baths,and sucking powedery stuff with my vac for 30 min ..

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