crunchy seat

Walking into the kitchen I find the package of oreo cookies open and all the cookies gone. Puzzled ,I stood there and stared at the package as if cookies would magicly reappear. I picked it up and headed to the trash pail,half way there I felt a squish and heard a crunch , rolling my eyes I slowly pick up my foot and theres a big fat double layer oreo crushed all over my freshly mopped floor.As im bent over cleaning it up I hear the girls fighting in the living room. Walking in there I find they are both trying to decide who gets the last oreo cookie. Now knowing who stole atleast part of the pack I took the cookie and split it in half knowing it was useless to think about asking questions because im sure the cookie monster did this one.Turning to set down in my big overstuffed chair I felt something wet beneath me , jumping up there laid a wet towl .Picking the towl up I found atleast half the package of cookies opened and the yummy middles of each cookie were gone

Yes I will be needing to call in the cleaners for this one ..to bad the cleaner has to be mom with her bucket of soap water and my trusty ol' sponge.


Who took the batteries (part 2)

As the children piled off the bus in a single line and all headed toward the front door , you can bet I was standing there watching. I had searched for my batteries all day and really wanted to know where they went !
My oldest insisted it wasn't him so don't even look his direction . Turning to ask my 3rd child he insisted it was his sister.Rolling my eyes I knew that couldn't be possible .(Really, could you imagine a toddler getting up and climbing a chair to take a battery then hanging the clock back on the wall? Well , I guess it could happen but... )my 4th child blamed my 3rd child and then my 2nd child ..ummm is missing? Now I swear he was home just a few minutes ago but then again I guess I could have missed him since I have so many .(I am bad about losing a few now and then.)
Walking to his room , I found him with his cd player and ear phones stuck in his ear.
He was so gone into his tunes he didn't realize I walked in ! He jumped up , startled his cd player went flying through the air .Trying to catch it the cd player hit the floor and the batteries came rolling out of the back .
Picking up the batteries , I looked at him he knew he was in trouble ..He actually had the nerve to tell me he found the batteries at school .. even before I had a chance to ask if he took them !

Who took the batteries?

Waking to the sound of the alarm in the next room , I set up looking up at the clock that hung on the wall. Rubbing my eyes I found that it was 2:15 am. Laying back down I didnt hear the alarm anymore I went back to sleep .

Waking to my son screaming get up , theres only ten minutes before the bus comes .I set up and look at the clock again it says 2:15 am !
Jumping up thinking my son must be sleep walking I noticed light shining through the curtains.
Running to my computer I find that sure enough its 7:00 am.
After they all left for school , I noticed the batteries were gone out of my clock.
I really wonder who took the batteries and why?

Hmmm... In a few hours I hope to find out. For now I will go on a hunt down and look through some of their electronics and while im at it I need to find my hair brush that I probally will be questioning someone over to !


ekk a virus

1 am I set with a toddler on my lap ,ill she doesn't want mommy to let go of her.
Wishing I would have bought a energy drink while I was at the store earlier ..im kicking myself because I didn't.
I know the next atleast twenty-four hours holds me setting up holding my little one , prying my eyelids open with toothpicks and praying for the sickness to stop.
Im sure as soon as she gets over it , my other four will take it and probally me to.
So it looks like the next few days momma will not be sleeping and will doing more laundry a day then what I can count on two hands !

Cartoons and Bananas

Talking on the phone , I hear screaming .
Walking into the living area I find my daughter laying on her back kicking and screaming to the top of her lungs.

"Whats wrong sugar?"

"Want Banana mommy!"

"Why sugar ?"

"I want banana now mommy!"

Looking up at the TV I see a charecter on Dora munching down on a banana.
Dreading having to tell her I dont have a Banana, I hesitate but know I have to tell her.

"Honey,Mommy doesnt have Bananas!"

'Why mommy?"

"Your brother ate them ."

Getting up she doesnt like my answer , pointing at the TV she screams again," Dora has a Banana and I dont and I want one now !"
Thirty-five minutes and ten seconds later shes still screaming ,"I want banana I want banana I want banana I want banana!"

Im happy she wants the fruit but I don't have it right now and theres not much I can do about it ..I would love to say if you dont stop screaming you will never get a banana again but I cant forbid her fruit !
Im going to call Dora and let her know ,next time they show a episode with food call me so I can run out and buy it before the episode plays.
Anyone have a cure for a migrane ?