Yummy breakfast

My 5 yo gets up first thing she says is ..Mom im hungry. The magic word HUNGRY. I'm telling you A radar goes off in my kids head as soon as the sun comes up!
I ask them what she want to eat? She wants potato chips and a cookie ! Yeah , roll eyes I DONT think so ! But , but mom I'm hungry. She doesn't want eggs or Cheerios those are YUCK ! ..Oh I know where this is going she spots it the last poptart, now if it wouldnt have been setting in her eye view she would have ate the eggs. Got to love poptarts though they are made for breakfast full of the things kids love and you dont have to feel guilty about giving them one because they are made for breakfast ! I gave a her a chocolate carmel kind ,she takes a bite and says mommy these chocolate and marshmallow stuff is YUMMY ! Marshmallow?Its chocolate and carmel ..Or was ... now its chocolate, carmel and a nice big marshmallow on the top ! She snuck that marshmallow while mommy had her back turned !


Scrunching eyebrows

My dd was looking in the mirror and figured out she could scrunch her eye brows and snarl her nose at the same time , it was so fun she spent a good 10 min watching her self scrunch . The things kids come up with seizes to amaze me.
Now don't you be scrunching your eye brows and making your nose snarl , you may strain yourself. You know you had to try it. Didn't you?

Im Sick

Forget the morning cocoa im going for ice chips , all I feel like doing is hanging my head over the stool. I woke this morning with that cold sweat ,nausea if you move your going to hurl feeling ,head pounding and nose stopped all the way to Canada. I feel like I have been ran over by a steam roller and I know where I got it , the kids. I have spent the last week picking up those dirty tissues that seem to miss the trash pail and you know the little knot noggins always have to get right up next to you to sneeze and cough.You know they have to let you know they are sick! I think its a contest when you get all of them together. "Look mom I can cough more , I sneezed the loudest ,mom may be deaf so we better get as close as we can and make sure she knows who's the most sick.'' One thing I always dread when they go back to school they bring home more then just home work and cute little hand made drawings !


I still dont know who it is...

Kids come home I hear yeah .. MOM .. bllaaa bllaaa bikes ..tonight . Can we please ? Please?
I'm setting there completly clueless to what they are wanting , they looked as if someone was about to push them over the edge if I didnt say something in a half of a second, they looked like they were about to pass out from hyperventilation ,all I could think of was Ummm.. well .. Lets slow down and try that again. Oh that was wrong of me ..never ask a kid to explain again all it led to was 2 kids talking 90 to nothing saying something like ITS COOL MOM CAN WE MOM CAN WE !Bikes , circles ....Bl la and more blaa ..
Finally I said GO ! Well that cured that ,I think they moved so fast I think in a breath they were out the door. Funny how kids can move so quick when they want something , but when your needing something I can guarantee a turtle would move much more quick.
A couple hours later I hear someone running up on the porch , I know someone fell ,I could hear thump..thump .. roll ..pitter patter door flys open and its my oldest son panting as if he just ran the marathon ,I understood him saying something like ..Mom got famous person , famous mom biker the top ..blla bllaa blaa blaaa. I know I looked puzzled but he didn't seem to notice at all ,in that instant I see a shoe right in my face. I yelled , Get your smelly shoe away from me !
Oh how silly of me .. WRONG again. DoI know anything at all? He said but MOM MOM I got my shoe signed by a famous person. Oh, like I was suppose to jump for joy I have no idea what or who hes talking about and the signature looks like scribbles to me. I asked him repeatedly who is this famous biker so I can look it up and get excited to ? He never did reply. He still hours later has not told me who this person is. I really don't think he knows , he was just very excited to have his shoe signed by someone famous !

heres a pic of that shoe
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stopped up vacuum

First I had to mop the kitchen floor and do a load of laundry then I vacuumed and ended up with more dirt then when I started because SOMEONE (no name ) vacuumed their room yesterday and sucked up probally some unknown objects and when I turned on the vacuum dust went flying .Now my duty is to go fish what ever it is out and clean the vacuum and hear MOM I DIDNT DO IT .
So I went fishing with my trust old wire clothes hanger straightened and then the used the hook end to fish with ..I find .. drum roll ..A SOCK so the washer didnt eat that one !I didn't find just a sock but I found 2 lint balls the size of a watermelon which included in the balls was one of the dreaded popsicle wrappers, popcorn .. and things beyond recognition.

Challenge: Things that just disappear?

I'm asking this ?? on the buddy group today ..
Name things in your home that just seem to disappear .

1.. SOCKS ! I'm telling you the washer eats them !I can put 2 in and come back with 1 every time.I can put 1 on each foot and end up with 1 by the evening !

2.. SPOONS! Where oh where did the little spoon go? Out in the back yard its being used as a shovel. I have found a many buried deep in the mud and some were like my socks I never found again.

3 ..TAPE ! 30%t of it I find on my kids walls where they draw pretties and tape it to the wall... but the other 70% disappears into thin air without any trace of even the roll .Did the troll do it?

4 .. PENS! Now I know I bought a 10 pack last week .. I cant find one?

5.. CRAYONS ! My dd came home from school needing to color something for homework and I had to write alittle note saying I don't have crayons ! I think though all those little pieces I have threw away over the last few months equaled up to the box.

6.. UNDERWEAR! I did find out my toddler was trying to flush her undies when I was potty training but now that shes trained where did they go? Maybe the washer is eating them to?

7.. TOOLS ! If I only could find a hammer I might hang up those pics that's been setting around for a year .

8.. BRUSH ! I found 3 yesterday and within 24 hours ended up with only 1 . OK so I need to go search the girls purses and under the couch .. ??

9 SIPPYS ! Which should have been first . I wrote in my blog about the sippys and im still missing one .. well actually 4 now. Maybe we can blame the dishwasher?

10 BOWLS! Im not kidding my bowls disappear. I have found a few outside close to where I have found buried spoons .. but the rest?

Looks like im going to have to do ALOT of detective work to figure all this out ..

Why am I up so early?

Every morning I swear I'm going sleep in and find my self up before the rooster crows. I find my self waking and 2 thoughts running through my mind. Do I go back to sleep and wake not feeling like a semi hit me ?Or do I wake and enjoy silence and be able to run a round in my granny gown for a few and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa without someone trying steal it or stick their finger in it?
I normally find my self getting up and enjoying my cup of hot cocoa or setting in my granny nightie then kicking myself later when I look in the mirror and see bags and pure exhaustion and know I have a very challenging day head !

Live and learn?Do it diffrent tommrow?
Naaaa .. thats to simple I always have to take the turnabout..


Yummy Mayo and Ketchup !

My child just put mayo and ketchup on bread , then placed it in the toaster ! YEPPERS THE TOASTER ! Ketchup was running down the sides and you could smell the mayo. I just stood there with my chin on the floor thinking .. WHAT? WHY? YUCK ! It pops up and she proudly placed it on a plate , wiped off the toaster with a clean shirt from the laundry room and then set down at the table and ate every bite !

But..but ..but ketchup and mayo on toast ?ICK? Oh man what about the clean shirt?
Its fine it was one of dhs old work shirts ..since he works in grease alittle ketchup stain will not matter.

Ever hear the song who let the dogs out?

I was singing it tonight doing dishes , but instead I was thinking the wording needed to be changed to "Who let the kids out" A part day of school made my kids go wild .While I'm trying to clean up supper 3 of the kids were tormenting each other. My oldest dd thought it would be fun to take her brothers football and throw it out the front door then start laughing hysterically, my toddler having no idea whats going on is just running around screaming because everyone else was ! My son retaliates by taking dds shopping cart and threw it out the door to !Well that just added more chaos because she decides hes being mean so shes calling 911 ,YES 911 ! I was lucky though she dialed 913 so the call didn't go through. As soon as she said she dialed 911 everyone got real quiet , the kids eyes were glued to the phone .Im not sure if they were so scared and they felt like they thought they would cover it all up and maybe none would notice by getting along , but in a instant they all started playing together my toddler ended up pushing the shopping cart and smiling like she made a huge accomplishment as she pushed the cart over the school bags and the other 2 played catch and acted like nothing ever happened !Bet you want to know what happened with 911? I was lucky she dialed 913 so the call didn't go through. I would have hated to explained what really happened. It would have probably been like the day I called my SIL and somehow got emergency and when I told them it was a mistake they wanted to know if someone was forcing me to say the number was accidentally dialed and wanted to come over and check things out ! EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Its what I like to do ! (ME)..

Its true shoving a sock into the end of a straw would be alot easier then raising kids. Everyday is a new journey. I have added on alot of grey hair ,lost hair added a few lines and a new body shape .. and the funny thing is I wouldnt have it any other way. I have 5 and I set and complain how I need a break ..but if you were to give me a break I would never take it and if I did I would be wanting to call home every 2 min !I started blogging a long time ago but lost most of it because I didnt know I was suppose to save the stuff before I reformatted the computer..oopppppps !Yeah , we can say I really didnt know how to work a computer . I am a SAHM and plan on staying that way for a few years. I enjoy staying home changing diapers and being drove mad ! It keeps me going ! Its what I like to do ! Its not a easy job , true there is bad and good days ..but at the end of the day all the bad is always wiped away with that hug and smile and I love you from my children.
Well with that said .. its time to find something for dinner !
Im not going to experiment tonight because im in no mood for new things today ..


Home Made Slushies ..

If I could fully understand what she says .. I think this is how she would have explained how to make a slushie.

Take a cup of ice (that you begged for ), place it on the dining room table on paper (The paper you begged for because you wanted to draw a pretty ), smash it with brothers trapper keeper (DONT TELL BROTHER) grab the sippy of grape juice and begin to pour and pour until theres not a drip drop left in the cup !

Yes it DID happen.. Thankfully brothers trapper is ok and we are not telling !

where oh where did the sippy cups go?

I just found one under the bed , one in the toy box ,one in the dresser dawer and one a tote bag ! Around here you can find a sippy almost anywhere. I swear everyday we go on sippy hunt downs and we find them in some strange places , dds even tried flushing them ! Im still missing 1 cup and dd swears she didnt have it ...I wonder where its hiding? Maybe I will check the washer or in a shoe? Kids are pretty crafty when it comes to hiding things.I think finding a needle in a hay stack would be alot easier to find then a sippy in my house.

Rembering 9/11

Today is patriots day the kids were asked to wear the colors of the American Flag to school.My dd wanted to know more about today so first thing this morning I had to explain, tears rolled as I explained. ( I told her I had a lash in my eye )I showed her pics of the twin towers and explained to her what happened. I was pregnant that year and would soon give birth to my daughter. This day affected all the kids , they all cried and watched helpless as we all did wishing we could change what was taking place. All these years has not changed the heartache we all feel .. it has affected so many all over the world ..we are still sending prayers and thoughts to all the families of 9/11 and for our troops. My oldest son named my daughter that day. He wanted to give her the name Hope she will give the new generation Hope and a new beginning and Hopes of Peace and Happiness and no more fighting and we can live together with peace and harmony ..

God bless the families of those who lost loved ones in 9/11 and the war and prayers our troops come home safe.

Oh great cake !

After I got the kids off to school I was hoping to crawl back in bed but as I went to lay down the door bell rang..so much for sleeping in !A friend stood at my door with a big pan of cake for me that was left from her sons bday party and said her kids have had to much of it and she figured my kids would enjoy it. I really tried to smile and look pleased with her gift my only thoughts were ..Geez thanks .. now I will have kids on a sugar high and cake slung from one end of the house to the other.I can actually see it now ..cake in hair , cake in the seats of chairs, kids bouncing off the walls,cake fight .. She must have read my thoughts , because she laughed and said its better you then me !

someone got up on the wrong side of the bed ..

My 10 yo thinks school ruined his life. He gets up this morning and today is Patriots day. He informed me hes not wearing Red , White and Blue to school because the outfit is ugly ! Alright son wasent it just a couple days ago you wore this same outfit. I knew from that moment I was in for it. He then gets a tummy ache and cant go to school. Hmmm.. Tummy ache? Odd hes not throwing up , no fever ..he just scarfed down a bowl of cherrios so it cant be that bad right? I looked him straight in the eyes and said your going to school , and if you get sick the nurse will call me. Oh he informed me the nurse will ignore him . Ok im really suppose to believe that? Oh gee mom how can you do this to me. Im such a horrid mother making him go to school when he has a tummy ache . You know school ruined his life and he cant have fun and dont have time to play and be a kid when he has to go to school !
LOL ! I just dont see the school calling today , and geez im a horrible mother for making him go to school. How dare me be so cruel !


Only my kids would think of these things !

My 3rd son had a ?? today. You know mom they tells us what life was like 100 years ago, but theres not one person telling these stories ever lived it.He went on to ask me what I think people will say about us 100 years from now ? My oldest dd decided they would say we had 3 arms , my toddler was really chuckling over that and said something about blaa blaa head.Im thinking she was trying to say 2 heads? Maybe 10? My son seem to think we all will be well rembered for our antennas.
Yeah my kids watch TV .
I tried to explain history and how there were records kept over the years and stories told but they were to busy chuckling over double butts at this time.

WOHOO something new for dinner !

Every week I buy Hamburger, chicken, nuggets, hotdogs. You know all the junk kids will eat.My normal monthly meals consist of Hamburger helper , hamburger and fries, spegatti , baked chicken w/baked potatos.chicken nuggets and fries. I decided to today im going to get crafty ~ but while doing so I have to rember I do have a toddler who insists on mac and cheese at every meal and all my kids think they need hamburger 10 days out of the week. YES 1o DAYS ! I found a recipe on the kraft site its called Sharp Cheddar Lasagna .( I used Kraft American cheese for mine) it went over well . My toddler thought mommy made the best meal ever , my teen thought it was pretty good (hey if a teen tells you its good it has to be )and my other kids were pleased to ! I was pretty happy with the recipe and will have to experiment alittle more.

Heres the recipe . You can find it on kraft .com

Sharp Cheddar "Lasagna"

1 pkg. (14 oz.) KRAFT Deluxe Macaroni & Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce
1 lb. ground beef
1 jar (14 oz.) spaghetti sauce (about 1-1/2 cups)
1/2 cup KRAFT Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Prepare Dinner as directed on package. Meanwhile, brown meat in large skillet; drain. Add spaghetti sauce to meat; mix well.
LAYER half each of the meat mixture and prepared Dinner in 8-inch square baking dish. Repeat layers. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
BAKE 15 min. or until heated through.

Hey I just wonder what hotdogs would taste like in it ?
I may have to experiment with that for lunch for the little ones .


Ever been bored?

Have you ever been bored but to bored to do anything? Your probally thinking how cam someone with 5 kids ever be bored ?
This is a common problem for me. Well my kids to , they must have took some of my genetics. Thats it they took my bored gene. I was thinking today I want to go out and do something worth while , Well hey a trip to the park or anyplace where there is human life I thought would be good for me. I pondered the thought of going out then set and thought about how long will it take to get ready and get all the kids ready..so I just set here , thinking im really bored but man im to lazy to get everyone ready to do anything , and if I did go somplace I would find my self bored there to ....

Who did it?

I cleaned up my living room and went on to cook supper. I turned on the toons and went about my normal routine, I finish supper make the plates set them all down and look in the living room ,I could have just set down and cried. It wasn't enough that I had just worked a hour in the kitchen now I have the bag of cheese curls all over the living room floor ! Its not a small bag its the large family size bags and it was unopened ..Who did it? Of course NO ONE did it ! I see someone lined them up from the TV to the couch and made what looked like a road , then I look closer and find some ground into the Berber carpet. I guess the baby doll , she came to life and made the mess. My toddler claims her baby is real so maybe she did do it?It wasn't the kids it had to be the babydoll. When I asked them all one by one who did it? Well no one took the blame according to the kids they were all else where at the time of the incident. I asked for someone to help clean it up ?No one volunteered their time ..until I got the bright idea to use bribery. Hey kids who ever cleans this up gets to feed the birds ! My youngest to loved that idea and did clean up the mess ,they did a great job to there wasent a crumb left !
I took them to feed the birds and ofcourse the fought over the bird food..which ended up all over my patio. Like we didnt know that would happen? Hey atleast this time I know who made that mess!