Oh NO I shouldnt have hid the cocoa....

I did it , its actually my fault.. I cant blame it on anyone but me.I had one package left of my favorite cocoa and I knew ,it would be gone or strung all over my house if I didnt hide it. I figured the best place would be my purse ... I forgot about it , went to the store and when I pulled out money there was some powder substance all over my purse ! For the life of me I couldnt figure it out .. then I rembered ..my tot was playing mom a few hours before and had to take my purse and drug it to ten buck two and back .
Yeah , you see where im going ..she banged it up pretty bad ..my cell phone antenna poked a hole into the packet and now my purse is filled with hot cocoa !

I will take a pic in the morning this ones priceless , and soon im also going to be starting my hunt down of all the things I cant find that I started about a week ago !


I think I will invent ,a new word called 'Morethenmorer".Ok, well nice thought and if you didnt catch it , well you havent raised a kid yet or the 'denial 'monster got you ..I just dont see that one slipping into the dictionary either but in my house it actually may work .We have some real interesting vocabulary lurking around here and the majority of it is some unknown language.
See know one ever told me , that I would have to use huh' more times then I am old ,
"Huh,What did you say?" "UhHuh , what was that?" "Uhhuh yes you can !." 'UhhhHuh ,go on !"
Oh and the word" NO" now I know that's not a new one but its used more then there is stars in the sky around here. "No you can't have that." NoNoNo"...No I didn't breath inbetween that 'No,No.No..No ! Huh?
I never knew "soupy was ketchup or soup was uh' and macky cheezy is a word and mom,ma,mom was actually just 'mom' .. its a language we never learned in highschool !
"Really someone needs to let the world know ', we need to add to the vocabulary ."Lets do it for the little ones how hard could it be?"
Did you know that ,children can produce at least 2 words aday that no one ever again will be able to say ? Children are very talented !!!
Alright in all seriousness ..not that you will find it here, but that really wore me out just typing it .

New style ..

I noticed when I had my children my style changed ,
All those stained up shirts , became my dressy clothes and I really can wear jeans for more then a year ! "My favorite pair of capris are 3 years old and counting".
If you told me 14 years ago my best wardrobe consisted of stained tshirts and capris I would have said you were full of bologna!
Someone forgot to mention that Pajamas was not just for sleeping ," wear the right kind you can even go to the grocery store!" We get by with it pregnant why cant we after birth? , 'I know all attention is on the belly but I do promise not a soul will give it a thought if they see you in pjs in the grocery store ." All the attention is on your child "!
House shoes are not only for the house , you can run to the mail box ,take out the trash ,take the kids to the doctor office and do a complete shopping trip with them on !



Bottomless pit

The definition of Bottomless pit

A child who can consume 2 sandwiches in the blink of a eye ,2 yogurts before they even swallow ,and a slice of pizza before I can say "Your kidding right?" , and a hour later coming back asking for more !

Hmm now I know ..

I offically know why Icecream places have great big signs that look like icecream combs, its to draw the attention to children who can't read yet.

You know ... so they will scream until you feel like someones took a hammer to your brain ,they kick the back of your seat while your driving and make you feel like your going over a moutain of rocks and when you get to the grocery store , they refuse to get out because you didn't stop at that place with the big ice cream sign ...not that any of this happened to me today on the big grocery shopping trip.
I didn't..im stressing DIDN'T.. have to pull my toddler from the back seat kicking and screaming , and people looking at me like I kidnapped a child ..I didn't have to try to push the cart one handed while a child was held tightly to my neck ,then after turning blue and completely out of breath from lack of oxygen have to force her back into the car still wondering if a cop would pull up ,"actually hoping the whole squad would pull up so we could see flashing red lights to possibly make ther forget about the big ice cream sign."

None of this happened ..to me it was someone elses child .....mine never acts up EVER !


Cup full of goodies !

I reached up in the cabinet , grabbed one of those dollar general blue plastic 16 oz cups (You know the ONLY kind to have with kids) I found a rubber band, toddler sock, penny ,fork and some grass in the cup ..and no one did it ! I guess I must be losing my memory because I really don't remember doing it ..My 3yo said sissy did it , my 5 yo said she didn't do it maybe my 10 yo did it ,my 10 yo said it was probably one of the girls and he was snickering ,I never got around to asking the older kids im sure it wasn't them.
I knew to never ask who did it , because the answers always going to be someone else !
I really have a suspicion one of the girls was probably trying to make some homemade stew and wanted to put it up where no one could find it !(Not that its happened millions ..wait ..no zillions of times before.)


dd learned something new today ..

DD came home from school today grinning from ear to ear very pleased with her self ..Mom , Mom ,I learned about a Purple-nick-liar line today from that kid on the bus the one I set by in front seat .You know mom (squirming , twirling ) you know the one with lots of home work shes a big kid big as tall as the sky.

I 'think' she meant ..Perpendicular .


I have said this time and time again ," I would take on a dozen toddlers to one teen." Teens are like the energizer bunny , their mouths keep running and running and running and running.

I asked my son to take out garbage . 'How silly of me to ask for something so simple", I might as well said "Son ,I demand you to go to the dump and roll around in the garbage !"

He doesn't want to take it out ,if he does he will 'smell' like trash !

I'm thinking ,"How will you smell like garbage, its a plastic grocery bag filled with boxes?" He thinks that if he touches anything that he thinks has garbage in it ,life ends there .

What happened to the kid who just 12 short years ago ran trucks through mud , dumped the trash can in my kitchen floor a million times trying to get that shining plastic thing .Not that I want him dumping garbage all over my floor again ..but ..WOW his attitude has changed 1000% ....


Pester or just lonely?

A friend was just telling me this evening , her grandson gets up all hours of the night and flips his sisters lights off and on. 'She feels he may be just lonely.' "Hey , whats grandmas for!"

I think its because he loves to pester them ."Not that my kids do it to!"

My kids sleep all night and they 'NEVER' and let me stress' NEVER' get up in the middle of the night just to have run of the fridge,moms purse ,tv ,computer and the 'NEVER EVER' get up to pester the other siblings.

A public Service announcement:
Wow surprised me when I woke this morning and found my title as Pester or Loney? That was truly suppose to be LONELY !Now I didnt have a Looney toon character stuck in my face while it happened ,I actually was being multi talented..Signing a planner,talking to 2 kids and I was on the phone and attempting to write in this blog.

Kids dont want to get up for school? Heres how to make sure they get up !

Go to each room , start singing loudly .. SCHOOL DAY,SCHOOL DAY ITS A GOLDEN RULE DAY!
Sing it over and over (remember to breath in between lines) until they get out of bed!

Normally, they are up with hands over ears asking you to stop by the time you get to 'Rule' the 3rd time.


Yep shes right , They are on a kick !

I had a friend call and let me know my kids have really been on number 2 kick this week.You know what number 2 is right? Think hard , its not just a number.
It made me realize , Kids can never rember where they put their shoes, coats ,totebags and anything else important ,but they seem to always rember things that should be forgotten.Its implanted in their brains and it takes days for them to forget about that subject ,before they are onto something new !

They didnt leave me a choice ..

Both girls hand in hand , Mom, Mom ..If you Love us you will take us to the park and you dont take us ,we will not clean up toys .

Gee..Didnt leave me any choice ...now did they?

she answered the phone ..Not a good thing.

Phone rings , my curious littlebear takes it upon herself to answer the call. "I hear ,Mom pooooo ,forever her does". Praying its just a friend or grandparent I get out of the tub to see who it was. Not recognizing the number I wasn't about to call back out of sheer embarrassment.


Million dollar dream ..

Now I have never took a writing class. I don't know that I will ever take one. Well , I might when im 110 , which is about how long its going to take me to raise all these kids.
I decided to get crafty and write a book. Yeah, don't say it ! I know what your thinking ...my fantasy of sipping hot cocoa ,kids setting quietly on the couch while im bringing in millions of dollars was alittle far fetched .I do have to say though it was a wonderful thought while it lasted.
I decided in between cleaning the toilet and taking out trash I would start writing this million dollar book , typing with one hand I made the attempt !
1 chapter later I end up with jelly on the keyboard, 5 hand made pictures taped to the wall in front of me and a dog lose chasing a neighbor kid down the road ..


MOM MOM I see poop by the chair ! That gets all the kids in a chuckle , as they all have to run to see it .My son was bent down poking it with a stick .(Yep I said that right a stick)The others giggling hysterically looking over it as if it were a clown doing a hula dance.Me ofcourse Not really wanting to look closer ..I had to pick it up.(yes I had tissue) Rember that poptart from a couple days ago?(see yummy breakfast)

She has a egg friend !

My dd has a new friend and its her incredible edible boiled eggs ,my 5 yo dd patted it .Announcing her new friend,My 3 yo confused screaming out she wants a egg friend to!