MoM yOu HaVe ThE HuGEsT PiMpLe EvEr !

Mom you have the hugest pimple I have ever seen , its the size of 2 zillion mountains. Yep , those are the wonderful words I heard as I'm standing at that register of a local store with tons of people standing around. I know my face turned a nice shade of red, The women at the register was chuckling and tried to make me feel better by saying her niece likes to pick at hers and point when she sees a zit. I thought for a moment I felt alittle better until she starts twirling in the isle singing to the top of her lungs MOM HAS A PIMPLE THE SIZE OF A MOUNTAIN ..twirl hands raised MOM MOM YOUR PIMPLE IS BIGGEST IN THE WORLD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !
Yep , dunk down turn head away from people and walk as fast as you can out of the store ..


really wish they would have never invented POPSICLES! You know the kind all wrapped in plastic without the stick? I bought 100 of them last week and well ,they lasted a total of 3 days and I'm finding plastic wrappers everywhere. My 3 yo seems to think its the new drink in the house and she should have one with every meal and had a screaming fit until I bought another box of the 100 pack of tropical flavor. You know the nice sticky kind that's full of yummy what is it? 1% fruit juice or is that 10% .. Yeah those are awesome ,kids LOVE them .You do get what you pay for .They are a whole 3.97 and I DO GET WHAT I PAY FOR! SO I'm setting here at the computer desk ..OH ITS SNACK TIME !! MOMMY DON'T FORGET MY POP POP !Oh yeah as I go to cut it open with my scissors it splatters all over the computer screen and all over my phone . Yeah another 20 min clean up.My 3yo got a kick out of it. Its pretty cool to see things splatter . You know how it is?
Then S calls. She said why do you buy them your always complaining about the wrappers being all over . REMEMBER 3.97 for 100 ! 3.97 and they DO contain fruit juice so its healthy right ?So when I pass the isle its cheap vs overprice so I always chose cheap

YeP I KnEw It !

Yep , I knew it !! That IS my famous 3 words. I KNEW IT .I can read my kids backward forward , side ways ...

So it starts of , the wonderful grocery trip again . Now dh and I both told the kids to make sure they go potty before we leave .In the mean time while we are trying to get them to go potty .The phone rings and dh mom calls for us to come over to see her house. (shes moving right down the street from me) they swear they don't need to go (I KNEW IT WAS COMING) and we load up the 2 little ones .My 5 yo has to do a few twirls before we get to the car , my 3 yo has to mimic what she does ,then we get in seat belt them in and that's always I fun job because we have one who doesn't like the seat belts and another who begs to do it herself and if you don't let her you get to hear blood hurling screams the entire neighbor hood can hear. Yeah people look out their windows and probably wonder if we are beating our child. I swear we don't lay a hand on her she just likes to use those lungs.We with 2 kids fighting in the back head to his moms and all get out and talk to his mother about the cute little house they are renting , its small but nice for her and her husband. My little one then decides after only being there 3 min she has to potty ..Yeppers, I knew they would do it ..now they don't even have water yet so we cant flush. Mil just tells her to go on, shes a nice women never complained shes used to it she raised 7 kids. We yack a while even see a skunk , fortunate we were in the van by the time it came scurrying across the yard because my kids would have loved to take that home and kept it as a pet. I visualized as it ran across the yard ,my kids chasing it and trying to pick it up by the tail and place it in a box , then proceed to beg me to let them keep it and they will feed it and give it water and love it forever ! (They would love it for a week , even if it sprayed them they really would love it ) We finally get out of there and go to the grocery store and what do you know ?See I told a little white lie on the way there that the bathrooms are closed so don't even ask ! I just get done shopping with a store full of people and its finally my day ! A new register opened and I'm hurrying as fast as I can trying to be the first in line ..then they spot that big red door with that stick figure with a dress drew on it and immediately , hands fly , kids legs cross and we get the I HAVE TO PEE PEE so the whole store can hear and that little jig they seem to always do . MOMMY NOW GOT TO GO NOW. Ohhhh... theres a water fountain to setting there by the bathroom door and I hear the girls whisper something to each other and yep (I KNEW IT) one needs to go in first while the other gets a drink ! So my little one proceeds to slurp up all the water she can , looks up and smiles with water dripping from her chin knowing that little grin will get a roll eye from mom and a head shake ..shes pleased with her accomplishment now its time for POTTY ! Yeah you can guess what happens next , I miss being first in line at the register and I get to stand in line with 10 people ahead of me , and where I was standing was of course theres CANDY! Oh yeah candy , soda oh every kids dream. Eyes bulging , lips smacking I knew it was coming MOM CAN WE HAVE CANDY ! NO NO BUT NO !I'm looking around , I see hands ..They are trying to sneak it in the cart , they were caught .They grinned and took off behind me. You know mom cant get you if she cant see you? Oh so the oldest decided she wanted Yogurt. Mom cant read you know.. A 4 pack of vanilla pudding in front of me and they both ask if they can have yogurt cause its good for you with a big grin ..Yeah why not and I just thought to myself Yep I knew it !


Why do kids always have to go to the bathroom when you go shopping?
I get the kids dressed to go shopping and I remind them GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE WE LEAVE. I double check that everyones went before we head out the door.I get to the grocery store and my 3yo has to go potty now .She has legs crossed dancing saying PEE PEE NOW ! I run to the bathroom leave my cart full of food setting and the stalls are full. I said forget it ,Im going home ! I left everything set ..so I thought I did but apparently someone wanted what food was in my cart because the cart was gone when I was getting ready to leave. I dont no more get out the door and here comes my 5 yo she has to go potty to !I rush home and tell each of them to go potty and both of them says they dont have to go anymore! Ok well how can we have to go then suddenly not have to?
I make them set for a while then we head to the store again. I know more get into the store and WE HAVE TO PEE MOM and gave me a hug!I just rolled my eyes I knew it was coming and they knew they would get to go to the potty .I knew it. It took a total of 2 hours to complete a 30 min shopping trip ..
You know we look forward to the days they are out of diapers. Its days like this I miss diapers !


Did you know that that a frog, spider, dog oh I could go on for days , but they has EYES they do mom has eyes ! My toddler has a new discovery ..All living creatures have eyes ! My eyes actually hurt tonight because I have had them poked so many times ,You know how it is? See mom ..(finger coming close to the eye now ) THEY DOES SEE MOM SEE (poke yep hit the eye now)THEY EYES LIKE YOU ME ! Hey if someone comments about the little red mark below the eye and I try to tell them my toddler did it because she had to poke them at every thing she seen with eyes , they are going to think im a little ..well you know ,FuNnY.



Gross I'm setting her at my desk and I always have a glass of ice. You know theres all kinds of addictions and yes mines eating ice ! I know im a bad bad girl !I'm chewing it up and I felt like my mouth was burning ,alittle I'm feeling alittle nauseated. My taste buds are telling me theres something not right . I decide to look down in the glass , after chewing a few pieces ,and theres black stuff all on the glass ! SPIT , SPIT GAG ! Oh the thoughts running through my mind. Ok which kid tried to poision me? Naa they need mom they wouldn't do that.. Ok what is in this glass? I get a horrible sick panicky feeling run through me ..I jump up run to the kitchen sink and analyze those little black specks , I even smell it. It doesnt smell ..or does it my nose is pretty clogged up.Now in the back ground my toddler is trying to tell me something ,it sounds like purper ..Maybe purple?Who knows , its not important right now all I care is WHATS IN MY GLASS !She just kept saying purple , purpe , purpper over and over and over I finally decided to look down and there she holds the pepper shaker. Yep theres pepper in my glass .. ok I'm feeling better now because everything was going through my mind,with kids you never know what you will find !She was trying to tell me that she put pepper in my glass . She looked pretty wide eyed and she probably thought she was going to time out , with quick thinking she knows it will work 89% of the time she says Sorry mom ! Yep she can say sorry plain , it was some of her first words.Kids know just how to get to you .. bat those eyes,show that cute grin and say sorry !We melt and what ever they did is forgotten... well almost everything ,because when I set down at my desk again I felt something really squishy ..I jumped up in a real hurry and it was a nice big slice of pepperoni pizza !I looked behind me and shes laying on the couch all covered up acting like shes asleep !

Got to love toddlers , now I have to go scrub my white pants , there went my plan of going to bed early !

My LiFe

My life ..

KIDS ... KIDS .. CLEANING .. HUSBAND (wait that goes with kids) and CHARTING .. Did I mention the DOG?
I really wonder what life will be like when they grow up since I have revolved myself around them and havent did anything for myself. DH aunt says I will be like her raising the grandkids. Shes almost 60 and takes care of all 4 of hers pretty much 24/7.I guess thats OK .. Guess some people were made to be caregivers and others keep the rest of the world going . Is there more to the world ? All I know is whats in 1200 sg ft.