Still trying to figure out how I did it !

My son asks for the salt shaker, I point toward the kitchen counter.
With my son running back to the living room where I was seated he was screaming ,"Mom how do you get salt off my food?"

Alittle suprised ,I looked at his plate, it looked as if someone had took a salt rock and covered his food.

Asking him,"Why did you take the lid off the salt shaker?"

Looking confused wondering why I was asking , He looked at me saying he didnt use the salt shaker !

Now how does salt get on your food if you didnt use the salt shaker?

He used the entire container of salt , He said he wasent sure how much to put on it so he just poured and poured until no more would come out !

With my mouth open and chin dragging the floor , He looked up at me like he still hadn't did anything wrong .
Still wanting to know how to get the salt off his food so he could eat it ,he went to the kitchen turned his plate on the side and watched the salt pour off it , then his mashed potatos slid off right into the foor.

'Crying' he went to his room .."Mom ruined my mashed potatos !"

Now how did I do it?