On top of the the couch all covered with cheese she lost ...

While eating lunch my daughter , decides to make the great escape to the couch with plate and lots of yummy spegatti !
(Yes spegatti all covered with half the bottle of moms sprinkle cheese and topped with lots and lots of meat balls. )
Eating , she announced she lost her meat balls. I could clearly see she lost more then her meat balls ,she also lost part of her plate of spegatti and most of the sprinkle cheese.
With her hands stuck in the cushion of the couch she looked at me .
Sobbing , she wanted mommy to help her find her meatballs.
mounds of spegatti hitting the floor , with snow cheese falling all over the carpet , she went to take the cushions off the couch.
Jumping up and down she yells ,I found them .
Out came .1 ...2....3....4...5.. meatballs not counting the ones that were glued to the back of my couch cushions .
A spatula and bottle of stain guard later and missing my favorite thirty minute show I had it cleaned up.