Sick kid still wants to go to school !

My oldest dd had a fever Sunday night but woke Monday morning feeling better and her fever appeared to be gone .I tried to get her to stay home anyway but she refused and cried until I let her go to school. (It would be nice if all my children cried to go to school.) she came home Monday with a fever and a cough so I was up all night with her. Now thinking she would love to stay home(I should have known better) the minute I told her she would not be going to school she freaked out and started screaming to the top of her lungs, begging her to stop screaming before she puked or had a asthma attack I started asking if she wanted ice cream , candy anything ..just to get her to stop. Nothing seemed to work then a light bulb went off in my over loaded brain and I asked is she would like to play school at home today ! She agreed so she went through all the steps of what takes place on the classroom on Tuesdays and so I got to play teacher today. She made sure I was right on task to any time I didn't do it exactly like her teacher she let me know and I had to go back over the steps !