Halloween (part 3)

Yeah I know Halloween is long gone but I did say I was going to finish my story.

I should have known something was up when one of my teens decided he wanted to stay home.Now my exact words before I left was .. NO FRIENDS, NO PHONE, NO LEAVING THE HOUSE and KEEP THE DOORS LOCKED! I think I made it plain enough. When I got home after taking the little ones tricker treating I walked into my house and didn't have to use the key, as I walked in paper flew out into my yard.My husband fetched the paper (such a good guy) and it read :
Staying the night at Scotts here's the number to call.

OK well he left a number that was nice but do you see anything wrong with this picture?

1 Door unlocked .
2Left without my knowledge.
3He answered the phone or door to have got the idea to leave.
4He went with a friend
5 He left the house.

Now when I finally caught up to him , he said his friend wanted him to go to the haunted house and sleep over and he thought he locked the door and he FORGOT I told him to stay home.
Now I made it very clear ..and HE FORGOT!

Does he think I was born yesterday?

Now on to my 3rd child..

He went with a friend , yeah with my knowledge but I did tell him hes only to go to people we know ,or the other kids parents know and fire stations or restaurants.

He comes home and tells me him and his friend walked for 2 miles and went to every house and they were alone.

I do know next year all my children will be going with me. I gave them a inch they took three hundred and sixty two miles.

Now no thats not all ...

Its now what NOv 3rd so halloween was 4 days ago I thought all the candy was gone or hid well. I was cleaning out my shoe closet today and I found a plastic grocery sack full of halloween candy !

None of the children claimed it , so I left it on the kitchen counter. My 3rd child came by and snatched it while I wasen't looking. You know he has not the slightest clue as to where the candy went he didn't take it off the counter.

yep ..He didnt do it...