And I thought Burgundy was a color

With my daughter chanting Burgundy to the top of her lungs. Looking at her I let her know her sister is wearing Burgundy and its a nice color but she doesn't have to yell about it .
Looking at me like I had something stuck up my nose she placed her hands on her hips threw her head back and let me know she was not talking about a shirt she was talking about her friend Burgundy.
Getting close to her I let her know it was fine for the color Burgundy to be her friend but it may be a boring one .(I had rethink what I said under my breath I thought actually together her and Burgundy could have to much fun ,and really was praying that was not the reason she was calling the color Burgundy her friend.)
She became snippy and ran off pouting and wanted to know why I thought Burgundy would be a boring friend.
Really thinking I stuck my foot in my mouth this time .I put my arms around her hugging her tight I kissed her forhead and apologized and gently told her it was fine to like colors but she didn't need it to be her best friend she has plenty of other best friends ,and if she would like she could have a friend sleep over this weekend .
Taking my arms from around her hoping she would change her friend status and start dreaming about the weekend, she went to her tote bag, reaching in it she pulled out a picture ,handing it to me I looked at the little girl wondering who she was .I looked on the back and to my surprise it had a name scribbled in permanent black marker .It read Burgendy.
Smiling I handed her back the picture,she let me know this is the girl she wants to stay over this weekend its her best friend Burgendy.