crunchy seat

Walking into the kitchen I find the package of oreo cookies open and all the cookies gone. Puzzled ,I stood there and stared at the package as if cookies would magicly reappear. I picked it up and headed to the trash pail,half way there I felt a squish and heard a crunch , rolling my eyes I slowly pick up my foot and theres a big fat double layer oreo crushed all over my freshly mopped floor.As im bent over cleaning it up I hear the girls fighting in the living room. Walking in there I find they are both trying to decide who gets the last oreo cookie. Now knowing who stole atleast part of the pack I took the cookie and split it in half knowing it was useless to think about asking questions because im sure the cookie monster did this one.Turning to set down in my big overstuffed chair I felt something wet beneath me , jumping up there laid a wet towl .Picking the towl up I found atleast half the package of cookies opened and the yummy middles of each cookie were gone

Yes I will be needing to call in the cleaners for this one ..to bad the cleaner has to be mom with her bucket of soap water and my trusty ol' sponge.