Socks in my purse

I hunt frantically for my daughters socks.I swear I had them in my hand just
minutes ago. Giving up I threw boots on her feet and headed to the mall. Rushing through the store with a child screaming wanting the Halloween balloons hanging at every corner. I make it to the register.When it came time to pay I opened up my purse and to my surprise there were the missing socks. Trying to rummage through it without having to pull them out. I couldn't see my wallet because of the socks , trying to be discreet I made a attempt to slide them in my jacket pocket. My oldest daughter yelled.
"Mom what are you sticking in your pocket?"
Not wanting to tell her and knowing lying is not the thing to do. I looked at her and whispered its Sissy's socks.
Laughing hysterically she just had to yell to the top of her lungs. "Mom your the silliest person I know the only one on earth who would carry Sissy's socks in her purse."
With everyone grinning and staring I wanted to make a point so I calmly raised my voice enough that everyone was able to hear.
"I think sissy stuck her socks in my purse before we left the house."
My daughter stood and stared as if I had told a white lie she then just had to speak again.
"Mom you mean to tell me sissy has no socks on and its cold outside my teacher says we have to wear socks."
Feeling like a fool . I had to use some fancy thinking to get out of this one.
"Honey,its ok she is not walking around shes only without socks for a few minutes."
My daughter not at all satisfied with the answer had to continue to speak.
"Mom my teacher says you can get owies on your feet without socks now you have to go buy band aids for sissy."
Wanting to crawl in a hole. I just was wanted to run out of the store my youngest daughter (the one without socks.) starts crying for no reason.
"Mommy my footsies are cold sissy teacher says I need socks."
(55 degrees and snow boots her feet was not cold)

Can I cry now?