Halloween (Part2)

My youngest child was so cute tonight. Every house we went to she gave her older sister the bag and told her to get the candy for her . After hitting a few houses both the girls were wore out and wanted to come home !
Hoping home would be peaceful . The minute I walked in the door , not thinking to turn off the porch light. I got swamped with little treaters looking for treats within a half a hour I was out of candy. I don't think the kids wanted to share their three grocery bags full so I shut off my porch light.
Apparently while I was giving out candy I had to little culprits decide to take their candy dump it in the living room floor and open a snickers bar and a few packs of skittles and walk on them. As soon as I got that cleaned up , and yes I made them help. My youngest fell asleep on the couch and when I picked her up she has gum stuck to the back of her hair and a sucker stuck to the back of her leg ..which of course left a gummy mess on my couch .I really tried to clean her up while she was sleeping (I know not a smart move) but instead I ticked her off which made her scream and then it started a chain reaction ,I guess my boys had went to sleep at some point between me handing out candy and cleaning sucker goo off the couch. and they started complaining about being woke up . I told them to just plug thier ears with gummy bears and go back to sleep .

Oh well thats not the whole story.. I also have three boys but that is going to have to wait tell later because this momma is up way past her bed time and now is going to try to find a candy free place to lay and get some sleep !