Cartoons and Bananas

Talking on the phone , I hear screaming .
Walking into the living area I find my daughter laying on her back kicking and screaming to the top of her lungs.

"Whats wrong sugar?"

"Want Banana mommy!"

"Why sugar ?"

"I want banana now mommy!"

Looking up at the TV I see a charecter on Dora munching down on a banana.
Dreading having to tell her I dont have a Banana, I hesitate but know I have to tell her.

"Honey,Mommy doesnt have Bananas!"

'Why mommy?"

"Your brother ate them ."

Getting up she doesnt like my answer , pointing at the TV she screams again," Dora has a Banana and I dont and I want one now !"
Thirty-five minutes and ten seconds later shes still screaming ,"I want banana I want banana I want banana I want banana!"

Im happy she wants the fruit but I don't have it right now and theres not much I can do about it ..I would love to say if you dont stop screaming you will never get a banana again but I cant forbid her fruit !
Im going to call Dora and let her know ,next time they show a episode with food call me so I can run out and buy it before the episode plays.
Anyone have a cure for a migrane ?