really wish they would have never invented POPSICLES! You know the kind all wrapped in plastic without the stick? I bought 100 of them last week and well ,they lasted a total of 3 days and I'm finding plastic wrappers everywhere. My 3 yo seems to think its the new drink in the house and she should have one with every meal and had a screaming fit until I bought another box of the 100 pack of tropical flavor. You know the nice sticky kind that's full of yummy what is it? 1% fruit juice or is that 10% .. Yeah those are awesome ,kids LOVE them .You do get what you pay for .They are a whole 3.97 and I DO GET WHAT I PAY FOR! SO I'm setting here at the computer desk ..OH ITS SNACK TIME !! MOMMY DON'T FORGET MY POP POP !Oh yeah as I go to cut it open with my scissors it splatters all over the computer screen and all over my phone . Yeah another 20 min clean up.My 3yo got a kick out of it. Its pretty cool to see things splatter . You know how it is?
Then S calls. She said why do you buy them your always complaining about the wrappers being all over . REMEMBER 3.97 for 100 ! 3.97 and they DO contain fruit juice so its healthy right ?So when I pass the isle its cheap vs overprice so I always chose cheap