MoM yOu HaVe ThE HuGEsT PiMpLe EvEr !

Mom you have the hugest pimple I have ever seen , its the size of 2 zillion mountains. Yep , those are the wonderful words I heard as I'm standing at that register of a local store with tons of people standing around. I know my face turned a nice shade of red, The women at the register was chuckling and tried to make me feel better by saying her niece likes to pick at hers and point when she sees a zit. I thought for a moment I felt alittle better until she starts twirling in the isle singing to the top of her lungs MOM HAS A PIMPLE THE SIZE OF A MOUNTAIN ..twirl hands raised MOM MOM YOUR PIMPLE IS BIGGEST IN THE WORLD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !
Yep , dunk down turn head away from people and walk as fast as you can out of the store ..