Why do kids always have to go to the bathroom when you go shopping?
I get the kids dressed to go shopping and I remind them GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE WE LEAVE. I double check that everyones went before we head out the door.I get to the grocery store and my 3yo has to go potty now .She has legs crossed dancing saying PEE PEE NOW ! I run to the bathroom leave my cart full of food setting and the stalls are full. I said forget it ,Im going home ! I left everything set ..so I thought I did but apparently someone wanted what food was in my cart because the cart was gone when I was getting ready to leave. I dont no more get out the door and here comes my 5 yo she has to go potty to !I rush home and tell each of them to go potty and both of them says they dont have to go anymore! Ok well how can we have to go then suddenly not have to?
I make them set for a while then we head to the store again. I know more get into the store and WE HAVE TO PEE MOM and gave me a hug!I just rolled my eyes I knew it was coming and they knew they would get to go to the potty .I knew it. It took a total of 2 hours to complete a 30 min shopping trip ..
You know we look forward to the days they are out of diapers. Its days like this I miss diapers !