Gross I'm setting her at my desk and I always have a glass of ice. You know theres all kinds of addictions and yes mines eating ice ! I know im a bad bad girl !I'm chewing it up and I felt like my mouth was burning ,alittle I'm feeling alittle nauseated. My taste buds are telling me theres something not right . I decide to look down in the glass , after chewing a few pieces ,and theres black stuff all on the glass ! SPIT , SPIT GAG ! Oh the thoughts running through my mind. Ok which kid tried to poision me? Naa they need mom they wouldn't do that.. Ok what is in this glass? I get a horrible sick panicky feeling run through me ..I jump up run to the kitchen sink and analyze those little black specks , I even smell it. It doesnt smell ..or does it my nose is pretty clogged up.Now in the back ground my toddler is trying to tell me something ,it sounds like purper ..Maybe purple?Who knows , its not important right now all I care is WHATS IN MY GLASS !She just kept saying purple , purpe , purpper over and over and over I finally decided to look down and there she holds the pepper shaker. Yep theres pepper in my glass .. ok I'm feeling better now because everything was going through my mind,with kids you never know what you will find !She was trying to tell me that she put pepper in my glass . She looked pretty wide eyed and she probably thought she was going to time out , with quick thinking she knows it will work 89% of the time she says Sorry mom ! Yep she can say sorry plain , it was some of her first words.Kids know just how to get to you .. bat those eyes,show that cute grin and say sorry !We melt and what ever they did is forgotten... well almost everything ,because when I set down at my desk again I felt something really squishy ..I jumped up in a real hurry and it was a nice big slice of pepperoni pizza !I looked behind me and shes laying on the couch all covered up acting like shes asleep !

Got to love toddlers , now I have to go scrub my white pants , there went my plan of going to bed early !