Who took the batteries (part 2)

As the children piled off the bus in a single line and all headed toward the front door , you can bet I was standing there watching. I had searched for my batteries all day and really wanted to know where they went !
My oldest insisted it wasn't him so don't even look his direction . Turning to ask my 3rd child he insisted it was his sister.Rolling my eyes I knew that couldn't be possible .(Really, could you imagine a toddler getting up and climbing a chair to take a battery then hanging the clock back on the wall? Well , I guess it could happen but... )my 4th child blamed my 3rd child and then my 2nd child ..ummm is missing? Now I swear he was home just a few minutes ago but then again I guess I could have missed him since I have so many .(I am bad about losing a few now and then.)
Walking to his room , I found him with his cd player and ear phones stuck in his ear.
He was so gone into his tunes he didn't realize I walked in ! He jumped up , startled his cd player went flying through the air .Trying to catch it the cd player hit the floor and the batteries came rolling out of the back .
Picking up the batteries , I looked at him he knew he was in trouble ..He actually had the nerve to tell me he found the batteries at school .. even before I had a chance to ask if he took them !