Who took the batteries?

Waking to the sound of the alarm in the next room , I set up looking up at the clock that hung on the wall. Rubbing my eyes I found that it was 2:15 am. Laying back down I didnt hear the alarm anymore I went back to sleep .

Waking to my son screaming get up , theres only ten minutes before the bus comes .I set up and look at the clock again it says 2:15 am !
Jumping up thinking my son must be sleep walking I noticed light shining through the curtains.
Running to my computer I find that sure enough its 7:00 am.
After they all left for school , I noticed the batteries were gone out of my clock.
I really wonder who took the batteries and why?

Hmmm... In a few hours I hope to find out. For now I will go on a hunt down and look through some of their electronics and while im at it I need to find my hair brush that I probally will be questioning someone over to !