Who did it?

I cleaned up my living room and went on to cook supper. I turned on the toons and went about my normal routine, I finish supper make the plates set them all down and look in the living room ,I could have just set down and cried. It wasn't enough that I had just worked a hour in the kitchen now I have the bag of cheese curls all over the living room floor ! Its not a small bag its the large family size bags and it was unopened ..Who did it? Of course NO ONE did it ! I see someone lined them up from the TV to the couch and made what looked like a road , then I look closer and find some ground into the Berber carpet. I guess the baby doll , she came to life and made the mess. My toddler claims her baby is real so maybe she did do it?It wasn't the kids it had to be the babydoll. When I asked them all one by one who did it? Well no one took the blame according to the kids they were all else where at the time of the incident. I asked for someone to help clean it up ?No one volunteered their time ..until I got the bright idea to use bribery. Hey kids who ever cleans this up gets to feed the birds ! My youngest to loved that idea and did clean up the mess ,they did a great job to there wasent a crumb left !
I took them to feed the birds and ofcourse the fought over the bird food..which ended up all over my patio. Like we didnt know that would happen? Hey atleast this time I know who made that mess!