I think I will invent ,a new word called 'Morethenmorer".Ok, well nice thought and if you didnt catch it , well you havent raised a kid yet or the 'denial 'monster got you ..I just dont see that one slipping into the dictionary either but in my house it actually may work .We have some real interesting vocabulary lurking around here and the majority of it is some unknown language.
See know one ever told me , that I would have to use huh' more times then I am old ,
"Huh,What did you say?" "UhHuh , what was that?" "Uhhuh yes you can !." 'UhhhHuh ,go on !"
Oh and the word" NO" now I know that's not a new one but its used more then there is stars in the sky around here. "No you can't have that." NoNoNo"...No I didn't breath inbetween that 'No,No.No..No ! Huh?
I never knew "soupy was ketchup or soup was uh' and macky cheezy is a word and mom,ma,mom was actually just 'mom' .. its a language we never learned in highschool !
"Really someone needs to let the world know ', we need to add to the vocabulary ."Lets do it for the little ones how hard could it be?"
Did you know that ,children can produce at least 2 words aday that no one ever again will be able to say ? Children are very talented !!!
Alright in all seriousness ..not that you will find it here, but that really wore me out just typing it .