I have said this time and time again ," I would take on a dozen toddlers to one teen." Teens are like the energizer bunny , their mouths keep running and running and running and running.

I asked my son to take out garbage . 'How silly of me to ask for something so simple", I might as well said "Son ,I demand you to go to the dump and roll around in the garbage !"

He doesn't want to take it out ,if he does he will 'smell' like trash !

I'm thinking ,"How will you smell like garbage, its a plastic grocery bag filled with boxes?" He thinks that if he touches anything that he thinks has garbage in it ,life ends there .

What happened to the kid who just 12 short years ago ran trucks through mud , dumped the trash can in my kitchen floor a million times trying to get that shining plastic thing .Not that I want him dumping garbage all over my floor again ..but ..WOW his attitude has changed 1000% ....