New style ..

I noticed when I had my children my style changed ,
All those stained up shirts , became my dressy clothes and I really can wear jeans for more then a year ! "My favorite pair of capris are 3 years old and counting".
If you told me 14 years ago my best wardrobe consisted of stained tshirts and capris I would have said you were full of bologna!
Someone forgot to mention that Pajamas was not just for sleeping ," wear the right kind you can even go to the grocery store!" We get by with it pregnant why cant we after birth? , 'I know all attention is on the belly but I do promise not a soul will give it a thought if they see you in pjs in the grocery store ." All the attention is on your child "!
House shoes are not only for the house , you can run to the mail box ,take out the trash ,take the kids to the doctor office and do a complete shopping trip with them on !