Oh NO I shouldnt have hid the cocoa....

I did it , its actually my fault.. I cant blame it on anyone but me.I had one package left of my favorite cocoa and I knew ,it would be gone or strung all over my house if I didnt hide it. I figured the best place would be my purse ... I forgot about it , went to the store and when I pulled out money there was some powder substance all over my purse ! For the life of me I couldnt figure it out .. then I rembered ..my tot was playing mom a few hours before and had to take my purse and drug it to ten buck two and back .
Yeah , you see where im going ..she banged it up pretty bad ..my cell phone antenna poked a hole into the packet and now my purse is filled with hot cocoa !

I will take a pic in the morning this ones priceless , and soon im also going to be starting my hunt down of all the things I cant find that I started about a week ago !