Pester or just lonely?

A friend was just telling me this evening , her grandson gets up all hours of the night and flips his sisters lights off and on. 'She feels he may be just lonely.' "Hey , whats grandmas for!"

I think its because he loves to pester them ."Not that my kids do it to!"

My kids sleep all night and they 'NEVER' and let me stress' NEVER' get up in the middle of the night just to have run of the fridge,moms purse ,tv ,computer and the 'NEVER EVER' get up to pester the other siblings.

A public Service announcement:
Wow surprised me when I woke this morning and found my title as Pester or Loney? That was truly suppose to be LONELY !Now I didnt have a Looney toon character stuck in my face while it happened ,I actually was being multi talented..Signing a planner,talking to 2 kids and I was on the phone and attempting to write in this blog.