Cup full of goodies !

I reached up in the cabinet , grabbed one of those dollar general blue plastic 16 oz cups (You know the ONLY kind to have with kids) I found a rubber band, toddler sock, penny ,fork and some grass in the cup ..and no one did it ! I guess I must be losing my memory because I really don't remember doing it ..My 3yo said sissy did it , my 5 yo said she didn't do it maybe my 10 yo did it ,my 10 yo said it was probably one of the girls and he was snickering ,I never got around to asking the older kids im sure it wasn't them.
I knew to never ask who did it , because the answers always going to be someone else !
I really have a suspicion one of the girls was probably trying to make some homemade stew and wanted to put it up where no one could find it !(Not that its happened millions ..wait ..no zillions of times before.)