Hmm now I know ..

I offically know why Icecream places have great big signs that look like icecream combs, its to draw the attention to children who can't read yet.

You know ... so they will scream until you feel like someones took a hammer to your brain ,they kick the back of your seat while your driving and make you feel like your going over a moutain of rocks and when you get to the grocery store , they refuse to get out because you didn't stop at that place with the big ice cream sign ...not that any of this happened to me today on the big grocery shopping trip.
I didn't..im stressing DIDN'T.. have to pull my toddler from the back seat kicking and screaming , and people looking at me like I kidnapped a child ..I didn't have to try to push the cart one handed while a child was held tightly to my neck ,then after turning blue and completely out of breath from lack of oxygen have to force her back into the car still wondering if a cop would pull up ,"actually hoping the whole squad would pull up so we could see flashing red lights to possibly make ther forget about the big ice cream sign."

None of this happened ..to me it was someone elses child .....mine never acts up EVER !