Yummy breakfast

My 5 yo gets up first thing she says is ..Mom im hungry. The magic word HUNGRY. I'm telling you A radar goes off in my kids head as soon as the sun comes up!
I ask them what she want to eat? She wants potato chips and a cookie ! Yeah , roll eyes I DONT think so ! But , but mom I'm hungry. She doesn't want eggs or Cheerios those are YUCK ! ..Oh I know where this is going she spots it the last poptart, now if it wouldnt have been setting in her eye view she would have ate the eggs. Got to love poptarts though they are made for breakfast full of the things kids love and you dont have to feel guilty about giving them one because they are made for breakfast ! I gave a her a chocolate carmel kind ,she takes a bite and says mommy these chocolate and marshmallow stuff is YUMMY ! Marshmallow?Its chocolate and carmel ..Or was ... now its chocolate, carmel and a nice big marshmallow on the top ! She snuck that marshmallow while mommy had her back turned !