Im Sick

Forget the morning cocoa im going for ice chips , all I feel like doing is hanging my head over the stool. I woke this morning with that cold sweat ,nausea if you move your going to hurl feeling ,head pounding and nose stopped all the way to Canada. I feel like I have been ran over by a steam roller and I know where I got it , the kids. I have spent the last week picking up those dirty tissues that seem to miss the trash pail and you know the little knot noggins always have to get right up next to you to sneeze and cough.You know they have to let you know they are sick! I think its a contest when you get all of them together. "Look mom I can cough more , I sneezed the loudest ,mom may be deaf so we better get as close as we can and make sure she knows who's the most sick.'' One thing I always dread when they go back to school they bring home more then just home work and cute little hand made drawings !