Challenge: Things that just disappear?

I'm asking this ?? on the buddy group today ..
Name things in your home that just seem to disappear .

1.. SOCKS ! I'm telling you the washer eats them !I can put 2 in and come back with 1 every time.I can put 1 on each foot and end up with 1 by the evening !

2.. SPOONS! Where oh where did the little spoon go? Out in the back yard its being used as a shovel. I have found a many buried deep in the mud and some were like my socks I never found again.

3 ..TAPE ! 30%t of it I find on my kids walls where they draw pretties and tape it to the wall... but the other 70% disappears into thin air without any trace of even the roll .Did the troll do it?

4 .. PENS! Now I know I bought a 10 pack last week .. I cant find one?

5.. CRAYONS ! My dd came home from school needing to color something for homework and I had to write alittle note saying I don't have crayons ! I think though all those little pieces I have threw away over the last few months equaled up to the box.

6.. UNDERWEAR! I did find out my toddler was trying to flush her undies when I was potty training but now that shes trained where did they go? Maybe the washer is eating them to?

7.. TOOLS ! If I only could find a hammer I might hang up those pics that's been setting around for a year .

8.. BRUSH ! I found 3 yesterday and within 24 hours ended up with only 1 . OK so I need to go search the girls purses and under the couch .. ??

9 SIPPYS ! Which should have been first . I wrote in my blog about the sippys and im still missing one .. well actually 4 now. Maybe we can blame the dishwasher?

10 BOWLS! Im not kidding my bowls disappear. I have found a few outside close to where I have found buried spoons .. but the rest?

Looks like im going to have to do ALOT of detective work to figure all this out ..