Its what I like to do ! (ME)..

Its true shoving a sock into the end of a straw would be alot easier then raising kids. Everyday is a new journey. I have added on alot of grey hair ,lost hair added a few lines and a new body shape .. and the funny thing is I wouldnt have it any other way. I have 5 and I set and complain how I need a break ..but if you were to give me a break I would never take it and if I did I would be wanting to call home every 2 min !I started blogging a long time ago but lost most of it because I didnt know I was suppose to save the stuff before I reformatted the computer..oopppppps !Yeah , we can say I really didnt know how to work a computer . I am a SAHM and plan on staying that way for a few years. I enjoy staying home changing diapers and being drove mad ! It keeps me going ! Its what I like to do ! Its not a easy job , true there is bad and good days ..but at the end of the day all the bad is always wiped away with that hug and smile and I love you from my children.
Well with that said .. its time to find something for dinner !
Im not going to experiment tonight because im in no mood for new things today ..