someone got up on the wrong side of the bed ..

My 10 yo thinks school ruined his life. He gets up this morning and today is Patriots day. He informed me hes not wearing Red , White and Blue to school because the outfit is ugly ! Alright son wasent it just a couple days ago you wore this same outfit. I knew from that moment I was in for it. He then gets a tummy ache and cant go to school. Hmmm.. Tummy ache? Odd hes not throwing up , no fever ..he just scarfed down a bowl of cherrios so it cant be that bad right? I looked him straight in the eyes and said your going to school , and if you get sick the nurse will call me. Oh he informed me the nurse will ignore him . Ok im really suppose to believe that? Oh gee mom how can you do this to me. Im such a horrid mother making him go to school when he has a tummy ache . You know school ruined his life and he cant have fun and dont have time to play and be a kid when he has to go to school !
LOL ! I just dont see the school calling today , and geez im a horrible mother for making him go to school. How dare me be so cruel !