I still dont know who it is...

Kids come home I hear yeah .. MOM .. bllaaa bllaaa bikes ..tonight . Can we please ? Please?
I'm setting there completly clueless to what they are wanting , they looked as if someone was about to push them over the edge if I didnt say something in a half of a second, they looked like they were about to pass out from hyperventilation ,all I could think of was Ummm.. well .. Lets slow down and try that again. Oh that was wrong of me ..never ask a kid to explain again all it led to was 2 kids talking 90 to nothing saying something like ITS COOL MOM CAN WE MOM CAN WE !Bikes , circles ....Bl la and more blaa ..
Finally I said GO ! Well that cured that ,I think they moved so fast I think in a breath they were out the door. Funny how kids can move so quick when they want something , but when your needing something I can guarantee a turtle would move much more quick.
A couple hours later I hear someone running up on the porch , I know someone fell ,I could hear thump..thump .. roll ..pitter patter door flys open and its my oldest son panting as if he just ran the marathon ,I understood him saying something like ..Mom got famous person , famous mom biker the top ..blla bllaa blaa blaaa. I know I looked puzzled but he didn't seem to notice at all ,in that instant I see a shoe right in my face. I yelled , Get your smelly shoe away from me !
Oh how silly of me .. WRONG again. DoI know anything at all? He said but MOM MOM I got my shoe signed by a famous person. Oh, like I was suppose to jump for joy I have no idea what or who hes talking about and the signature looks like scribbles to me. I asked him repeatedly who is this famous biker so I can look it up and get excited to ? He never did reply. He still hours later has not told me who this person is. I really don't think he knows , he was just very excited to have his shoe signed by someone famous !

heres a pic of that shoe
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