Rembering 9/11

Today is patriots day the kids were asked to wear the colors of the American Flag to school.My dd wanted to know more about today so first thing this morning I had to explain, tears rolled as I explained. ( I told her I had a lash in my eye )I showed her pics of the twin towers and explained to her what happened. I was pregnant that year and would soon give birth to my daughter. This day affected all the kids , they all cried and watched helpless as we all did wishing we could change what was taking place. All these years has not changed the heartache we all feel .. it has affected so many all over the world ..we are still sending prayers and thoughts to all the families of 9/11 and for our troops. My oldest son named my daughter that day. He wanted to give her the name Hope she will give the new generation Hope and a new beginning and Hopes of Peace and Happiness and no more fighting and we can live together with peace and harmony ..

God bless the families of those who lost loved ones in 9/11 and the war and prayers our troops come home safe.