Ever hear the song who let the dogs out?

I was singing it tonight doing dishes , but instead I was thinking the wording needed to be changed to "Who let the kids out" A part day of school made my kids go wild .While I'm trying to clean up supper 3 of the kids were tormenting each other. My oldest dd thought it would be fun to take her brothers football and throw it out the front door then start laughing hysterically, my toddler having no idea whats going on is just running around screaming because everyone else was ! My son retaliates by taking dds shopping cart and threw it out the door to !Well that just added more chaos because she decides hes being mean so shes calling 911 ,YES 911 ! I was lucky though she dialed 913 so the call didn't go through. As soon as she said she dialed 911 everyone got real quiet , the kids eyes were glued to the phone .Im not sure if they were so scared and they felt like they thought they would cover it all up and maybe none would notice by getting along , but in a instant they all started playing together my toddler ended up pushing the shopping cart and smiling like she made a huge accomplishment as she pushed the cart over the school bags and the other 2 played catch and acted like nothing ever happened !Bet you want to know what happened with 911? I was lucky she dialed 913 so the call didn't go through. I would have hated to explained what really happened. It would have probably been like the day I called my SIL and somehow got emergency and when I told them it was a mistake they wanted to know if someone was forcing me to say the number was accidentally dialed and wanted to come over and check things out ! EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK